Tuesday, November 12, 2013

To Angel from Alaska

I worship you
I admire you
I fell down my kneels for you
From time to time
And again and again

It been over two decades
That I been loving you from a distance
I listening about you from time to time
On the TV on the radio
Read about you from page to page
In the magazines

I am afraid to know you more
As sometime the jokes you makes
Expose you a little
And I am afraid that,
That will ruin my mental image of "the perfect you"

And I am afraid that if I get to know the real you
The sharp ends of what you say
Will be my sentence for life long imprisonment

And I have to confess,
Even I am not a big fan of breasts
I did ogle your half shown big firms twins
On the cover of magazines
I did appreciate them and their beauty
But again, let me stress
I am not a big fan of breasts 
Now that you are riding with devil
Towards the breaking dawn
In the spirit of maintaining innocence
All I can wish is
May be and just a may be
My dreams to last as long as possible
I know I am playing a foolish game
But when I drink my cup of coffee
I miss you sitting next to me
Eating your pancake with maple syrups

I don't have a little sister
But there's a hole in my heart
Which perfectly clear
That is in your shape
Hearts are broken everyday
But again and again I fall for you

To serve my ego
In this grey matters

If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be
I love you "Jewel"

T Chen
10 45 AM
11th November 2013
On the bus
NPT highways

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