Thursday, September 30, 2010

freedom of speech/different perspectives

3:05 PM me:
i think she says a lot of "you know"
3:07 PM you might have some files of her in ur system
3:08 PM she is an asylum refuge
3:09 PM look at this one
she seems like i don't know,
but i also felt like she has been forced to say like this
like she has to read it by heart and say it in the public "u know"
________________________________________ 8 minutes
3:18 PM MS: :)
I like her speech the other day whatever it counts saying UN cannot/is not doing anything
it is good
but i never like Burma campaign UK
3:19 PM these girls are like puppets
me: i know
MS: That's why I don't even read Little Daughter
me: that's how i feel like too
i wonder whether they really believe what they r doing
or even know what they are doing
3:20 PM may be this is another form of British colonialism
u know another round
MS: How can they know dear?
me: that's why i mean
MS: They have not been brought up like us
me: tz studied IR in Myanmar
people can go to library of course
so a lot of the information they speak out there are just not 100% correct
3:21 PM MS: it is absolutely true
me: they keep on saying that life in Myanmar is difficult
i don't agree with that
may be they don't have enough survival skills
this is just interesting
MS: in My friend office there is one British woman saying Education system in Myanmar is very bad
me: i want to write something about this but then i think better stay out of it and
let them do their things
3:22 PM MS: My friend replied that it was what the British had done
me: at least someone need to do this
MS: it was not like that before
when we were with our kings
me: after listening a lot of her speech
3:23 PM i am more sure that she is just a token prune
MS: yeah
me: they are just some kids happen to get abroad and SPEAK English
that's all
listen to this one is terrible
3:24 PM MS: the boss is Mark Farmaner
me: the boss of who?
MS: the boss of Zoya Phan
Nang Seng …
and now
Wainin Pwint Thon
3:25 PM me: but for all of it
i think her pronunciations is OK
MS: :)
3:26 PM My dear
and on the other hand
please understand
it is their career
3:27 PM me: yes
a girl needs to eat
i know
3:28 PM a boy too
otherwise we will end up on the street
MS: yeah
we still have a career
but not them
they will end up accusing the bad things of the govt
3:29 PM sometimes I am thinking about it
me: agree
MS: Is Aung SSK really happy with her life?
me: what if they cannot do this
what will they do
and i don't think they can do this even in England for the rest of their life
i mean for nothing as a tangible results
3:30 PM i know what u mean
MS: Once she is famous and if she returned to England leaving Myanmar like this
me: not her publicity life that make people think she is a heroin
MS: She will also lose her future
me: but her real life as a person right?
MS: yeah
me: i am so glad to have the same IQ level friend to talk things like this u know what i mean
3:31 PM u can't talk to ruree like this hehe
or may be she should do something like this too
if she deadly wanna be famous
3:34 PM i want to post what we had talked on my post
what do u think?
3:36 PM MS: u can post anonymously
3:37 PM me: what about ur name
but again every bodies names MS right hehe
if u r OK
do u want to edit a little bit
MS: no
I don't want to
3:38 PM me: what does u mean by a little daughter?
MS: The world might forget about Nelson Mandela
me: u don't want to what?
MS: Little Daughter was a book written by Zoya Phan
me: aww
do u have a link?
3:39 PM do u get the pdf i send?
3:40 PM MS: which pdf?
me: about her father?
prisoner file
mya aye
is the name
MS: aw
i got it
3:41 PM But I am sorry
I don't want to read anything
3:42 PM me: send to me then
MS: They have done these activities against the govt and they are put into prison
It is worth
At least they have done something
But people in the jungle
in the rural villages
they did not do a single thing
3:43 PM and some were raped some were killed
But their stories remained untold
Whatever people say
3:44 PM On the account of respecting the lost one who suffered the loss for the crimes they did not commit
I will not read or comment on who is right who is wrong
3:45 PM me: well darling
they are not refuges yet and not asylum yet
and beside they might not speak English
i thinks that what happened
3:46 PM MS: But they breath Oxygen
They drink water
They don't breath CO2 and drink urines
________________________________________ 5 minutes
3:52 PM me: well
even we breathe and eat the same thing
we think differently
otherwise everybody will be the same
i think that's why communism does not work and failed


  1. hitting bee hive by a tick !!!

  2. My other half and me talked about the same subject last night and we chose not to listen the speech.

  3. well monpetit,

    if you take a look to other of her presentations then you will agree more with me
    all of them are just showcase

  4. @ ေဒၚရီတာ

    ရွင္ပဲေျပာေတာ့ ဟိဟိဟိ