Tuesday, January 11, 2011

new year resolution....what the F...?

i don't know why
why this is happening to me
i am good at what i do, no really any particular problem at work
love life is cool (in fact so cool)
family life stable
friends love me
but i am not happy
sometime i feel ups and downs
mostly ups but when down really down
may be just one of those time in every month
where is my god damn tampons..........


  1. Dear,
    I am sure, you are tired and fatigue with your daily routine and job. Please take a rest and relax...you will relief in soon....
    Mood swing is one of the natural phenomenon, so what?
    Without mood swing is abnormal, join with changes...
    Happy to comment the earliest one...hehehhehehe
    Thanks all!!!!
    Wanna eat your meals again....

  2. It is about time, where is my tampons...lol!!

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