Monday, February 2, 2009

Back in Bangkok again

Back in Bangkok again

I don’t remember how many times this is
But ……..
I am back in Bangkok again

The atmosphere is different
May be because of my recent recovery from flu
May be coz of the humid weather
May be is “the heat” bothering me
Or may be is u (not having u beside me)
Missing u makes me felt everything different….
In a bad and miserable ways
But for one sure thing is that I am not happy
How can I be happy when u r not a round?
Hate the situation and the fact that
You always have to travel when I am a round
And I always have to travel when u r back
Is this the way that we are supposed to be?
Or just the god is fooling us

F… him#@#%$@@#!$%%!^&&!*&

A Chen
12:27 am
10th Nov 2008

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