Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lame excuses Part II

Lame excuses Part II

How important it is to keep two people close
What is the meaning of friendship?
Is long distance works in friendship?
If then
Better just to be friends
Simply friends

Was it the only way of communication?
Yes, it was when I was back in Myanmar.
Emails were the only way of communication.

Now what?
I am here in Bangkok now
Where phone is available
But still…

Was it too hard to push some numbers?
Or was it too much to ask
What am I to you?
Tell me

This is just for the sake of the poem
No offends

After all
We will always be friends
Forever, forever
I know you won’t know it?
Again the influences of American movies
Best friend forever (BFF)
And finally…
I know now you are smiling after you reading this poem
And you will
May be say sorry
But for me
As I cannot hear

You will be a part of me
My life
And I am really value this friendship
This bond between us
Even we are not two lovers

A Chen, 21st Feb 2009, Bkk

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