Monday, February 2, 2009

Lonely apple

ပံုေလးကိုနန္းညီ ဆီကတစ္ဆင့္ ဒီကေနရပါတယ္
Lonely apple

Bite me once
You won’t get sin
You are not Adam
I am not Eve
We are not in the Eden garden
Where did “the Satan” in the form of snake go?

Bite me once
You won’t get poison
I am not an old witch in a form of Queen
You are not Snow White
Where did all the seven dwarfs go?
Where is my prince?
When will he come rescue me?

Bite me once
I am just a simple apple
Lonely because no one willing to “bite me”

In Korea, an apple mean…
“The symbol of peace”
People will give an apple as peace offer
But don’t worry
There won’t be any fight between us
And we did not get in fight before
You are not left-side and
I am not right
So bite me once
It’s OK

Bite me once
Don’t worry
We won’t find the gravity
You are not “Newton”
I am not "an apple tree"
There won’t be any “action to reaction” between us
There is no third law
Just you and me
So bite me

I am just a simple lonely apple

A Chen
22nd Oct 2008
4:47 pm
Mexico city, fiesta americana

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