Monday, February 2, 2009

Dear EL

Dear EL

How long have we met
Does not matter to me
Well at least it doesn’t matter to my feelings for u
You know the way I feels for you is so strong that
I even can’t believe
It is the first time that I felt something this strong for
Someone …. I just met
May be the times we meet is not long enough to say
How much I uh…? you yet
But I will take this as a challenge of love for me
So that I can see how long I can commit to someone
And have feelings for
But I really do like u a lot
And like the feeling of liking u
It makes me alive
I like u a lot
A lot more than I think I can even like someone this much
May be I might have had some fantasies in the past
But this time is different
The feelings are different

Once my friend (bestest friend) told me
I always say something like this whenever I meet someone new
And it doesn’t take longs to see what happened next?
I don’t know how can I response to her
Coz it has been true (mostly 95%)
But this time I feel so real
Well I said that too, every time she said those
So I don’t know
May be I like you
May be I like you more than others I had liked before
Let’s see how is love going to challenge me
May I be wrong!
May I be right!
May be you are the right one

Or may be you are not…

A Chen
12:38 pm
10th Nov 2008

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